The Kodak Colour Enlarger, Model 1

Yes, I have one of these out in the (messy) garage. It's quite an interesting unit, having adjustable filtration and photo sensors to adjust the color balance. I think it was made about 1961 based on what looks like a date in the instruction manual. Being an electronic person, the most unusual part for me is the measurement system. Back then it was hard to get accurate meters and the most precise techniques used what was known as a galvanometer. The "galvo" was used only to detect a null (zero), with the actual measurement taken from some other reference- resistive dividers or mechanical adjustment. The Model 1 has a huge galvanometer to detect color balance. Without further adieu, here is the apex of commercial color printing in 1961-

You might note that from the spelling of "colour", the unit was made in London by Kodak Limited. Note also the inverted bellows arrangement.