Papers, App Notes, Manuals and Curiosities

These are papers, notes, manuals and a few links I've found interesting, humorous or even useful. Most are quite old, but there's still something to learn from each one. Not really wanting to host a library, they're here because they're difficult or impossible to find elsewhere, or I had a better quality copy. I also have quite a few General Radio Corp. manuals that are unavailable anywhere else. If you've exhausted all other sources (IET, BAMA and others), send me an email (first page of this site, Us) and I'll check my list.

bullet point Henry Hall's Paper on Dielectric Absorption

bullet point Sprague Cap Tech Paper 62-4

bullet point Sprague Cap Tech Paper 62-7

bullet point Sprague Cap Tech Paper TP-64-11

bullet point Sprague Cap Tech Paper TP-65-10

bullet point Motorola Darlington Amp App Note AN-483B

bullet point Motorola Power Amp App Note AN485

bullet point TI Resistor Noise App Note

bullet point Varian link to BOMAC Radar Cartoons & good stuff!

bullet point 1956 National Radio-TV News on audio amps

bullet point 1951 Vol. 21-6-7-8 Aerovox Metallized Paper Capacitors

bullet point Ace Audio preamp RIAA stage, 1970s

bullet pointLink to all the great GR papers at IET Labs

bullet point M.F. Agha Photo Oath from U.S. Camera

bullet point Lapmaster planetary lapping machine manual, 12C, 15C and 20

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