Home Shop Machining Area

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I have a small home shop with a 1947 Logan model 211 lathe, a Grizzly mill/drill, and the usual collection of bits, cutters, measuring tools and chips. Most of my projects are related to audio, optical devices, camera repair and general home and auto maintenance. I also have an interest in steam engines, but little time to work on them. There's also a table saw and minimal woodworking equipment. The shop isn't heated, so little or no work occurs in the winter!

Handy Opto/Mechanical Shop Data

A tune-up on my Logan 211 Lathe

Lathe tool sharpening techniques, esp. threading

Metric threading on the lathe

Knurling made simple- really simple!

Honing- The Sunnen MBB-1660

3AT and 3C Collet and Adapter Drawing (pdf)

Mill/Drill Tips

Build a Ball Turning Attachment for your Lathe

Cast Alloy Lathe Tools (a.k.a. Stellite)

Tune up your Starrett #722 digital calipers

A Sensible Telescope Secondary Mirror Holder with Easy Adjustments

Solar adapter for the Telescope & Microscopy Topics

A Better Tapping Method (form taps)

A humorous form letter for responding to requests for quotes

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